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Israeli Wines

Israeli Wines


In the last two decades the quality and variety of Isreali wines have risen considerably. Israeli Wineries, both new and old, have refined the taste of their wines and as a result kosher wines – the staple wines of Israel - have become highly appraised worldwide.


Fermenting the Isreali wine dream

The roots of Israeli wine making goes back to the 70s and 80s - a time when the buds of the Israeli cuisine began to blossom and several promising chefs made their debut. As they started cooking with wines they noticed the lack of quality local wines and marveled how a country once known for its great crops is now all but barren?

Many wine-lovers thought the same and set out to create Israeli wines that will adhere to the wine making standards and later on set new bars in that field.   


Recognition and critical acclaim of Israeli wines

Although the people of Israel were quick to adopt their wines Israel wineries had their eyes set on the refined and sought-after European wine markets. Moving on to the present Israeli Wines have attracted the attention of international critics and have been pointed out as the best wines in the Eastern Mediterranean area. In recent years the acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker has consistently awarded Israeli wines a score of 90 and up, with his best picks being Kosher wines. Other occasions when the Israeli wines have shined include international wine festivals and famous wine competitions.


The tradition behind Israeli wines

Special mention should be given to Israeli wineries that have taken upon themselves the duty to continue the Jewish traditions of old. The land of Israel has a rich and fascinating history of wine-making, starting with the old wine makers who lived in biblical times and climbing all the way to the high-tech wineries of modern times. The wineries that protect the old traditions still make use of ancient and unique wine cultivation and fermentation practice. Psagot winery is one such winery. Founded on a pastoral mountain near Jerusalem Psagot winery cultivates its grapes on ancient limestone in an ideal sunny area that served as the cradle of wine-cultivation in biblical times. The grapes absorb flavors and fragrances unique to the Mediterranean region and are later aged inside an underground cave which was used for wine-making since ancient times. The workers at Psagot winery go to great lengths to make sure their wine retains its old roots. Even though high-tech machinery is used to monitor the humidity and heat the grapes are exposed to they are still picked and transferred by hand with the loving care that befits boutique crops. The result is a fruity heavy wine that has won Psagot several international accolades, including awards at the Terravino, Vinalies and Vinos wine competitions. The success of Psagot worldwide completes the cycle that began in the 70s and 80s. Not only are these kosher wines created in Israel, they are even manufactured using the traditional methods that the Israeli ancestors used long ago to make their own wine products. A wine rich with the fragrance of history and yet refined and gentle in ways only modern technology can aid to reach. That is the wine Psagot winery prides itself on offering.